Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Recently there has been lot of bootleg art instruction DVD's sold on ebay. This seller or sellers are making money off of the hard work of many artists including me, Richard Schmid, Greg Kreutz, Burton Silverman and Scott Christensen. Surprisingly some of these DVDs listed as "Like New" are selling for close to retail price. If you purchased one of these you probably wouldn't even know it was a bootleg copy because it looks pretty close to the real thing. The easiest way to know it is an illegal copy is to look at the back . The legal DVD's are silver like a regular movie dvd and the bootlegs are purple on a DVDR.
Here is a list of the known ebay sellers of bootleg DVDs, it is most likely they are different accounts set up by one person. If anyone knows who this douche-bag is and kicks his ass, I'll give you a Free drawing.... and an "official" DVD too.






Return Address:
Continual Learning
PO Box 344
Burley WA 98322-0344

For more about this same subject, check out the article on Clint Watsons Fine Art Views blog.


Sheila said...

Is your store working now? I tried to buy your DVD a couple months ago but the sale wouldn't go through. I sent out a few emails for help but didn't get anywhere. I'm not saying I jumped on Ebay and bought a bootleg...

lipking said...

Yeah I just checked it and its working.

jeff f said...

They are most likely not made in this country. The Ebay store is a front.

The thing to do Jeremy if you find the store contact Ebay and they will remove it if you have the evidence that they are not your DVD's.

From what I have read Ebay is trying very hard to crack down on these wankers.

jeff f said...

I forgot to mention that some of the people doing this are from China which means it's very hard to find them and stop this.

There are also bootleggers in Russia and Romania and other Eastern European countries.
These are most likely mob related businesses which means nose punching is not an option.

From what I have read about this they troll web sites like yours and see that your popular in the art world and they buy your DVD and copy it. They do this with paintings as well.

Clothing, music, you name it.
It's a huge multi-million dollar crime problem, bootlegging.

Prescription drugs is another probelm, which is why one should not buy them online.

I'm not saying this is what's happening to your DVD's but it could be a possibility.

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Speaking for myself, I wouldn't trust a DVD I bought on e-Bay that is "like new" or "new" and less expensive than the one available on your site. I saw them on e-Bay and thought it was suspicious. You just have to wonder, why is this person selling this DVD for less than what they bought it for? Surely that's what most people wonder? Anyway, I'm sorry they've ripped you off and hope it doesn't cause you too much stress. I'll soon be purchasing your DVD from your site. Oh, unless I can find that guy and kick some a**. :)

Antti Rautiola said...

Nothing beats the original.
We are just trying to make living for heavens sake :)

Cheers! Keep up the good work.

Jasons-Brush said...

Hey Jeremy,

Thats terrible, I hope you find out whos doing this and put a stop to it. I bought your DVD directly from you and loved it, worth every penny. Im hoping you put out another one soon. Ive watched the first one about 20 times already. Just great.

Best Jason

Matias said...

Dude that sucks! I'll spread out the word to all my artist friends to make sure they don't end up buying the a$$hole$ bootleg copy from ebay. Jeff F's advice sounds like the thing to do. But also finding the guy and kicking some ass aint such a bad idea either.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

The problem is more endemic than just the guy down the street burning a few DVDs and fencing them on eBay. Cheap technology and desperate people are a bad combination, and that's what's happening in China and similar places. Push the workshops and the originals, Jeremy - unless they can clone you, they don't stand a chance! ;)

Matt Dickson said...

boo pirates

MattD said...

There is also someone up in Canada doing the same thing. They have many art instruction/demo DVDs listed on ebay right now under a few different sellers but they are all the same person. Some of the various sellers are: "beautifulrags", "prnce-evan" and "amazing-bargains".

I made the mistake of purchasing a Schmid DVD from them that was listed as "used, but in great condition". It wasn't until I received it that I realized it was a pirated copy. They also sent me an email offering a complete list of other DVDs they have available which I assume are also copies.

I refuse to buy anything else from them on principle alone but if anyone wants to send them an email and tell them how they feel about this practice, their email is

Anonymous said...

Don't be such whiny pussies - go to ebay and find one of the listings of a ripoff DVD and click the "ask a seller a question" button. ask the seller if the DVD is a homemade dupe or a factory-made DVD. If they don't answer the question satisfactorily, scroll to the bottom of the listing and click "REPORT THIS ITEM". If that happens enough the seller account will be cancelled by ebay.

Cuz right now "beautfulrags" for example has seller feedback of 100% positive. So you can call them douchebags and what-have-you on blogs like this and that won't do anything to stop them and how is ebay supposed to know? Nothing will change.

That won't happen until you step up and complain, and stand up for your rights, or for the rights of artists like Schmid who don't seem to have people looking out for them online.

Until that happens the douchebaggery will continue.

Anonymous said...

i've been flagging ebay listings that appear to be pirates.

here is a link ebay sent me. JL, RS, NG, etc might want to take some time to follow the advices on this page as it will help automatically deter pirated ebay listings:

i produce videos, this just comes with the territory. (and my attorney brother tells me: take it as a sign of success, be flattered when they start pirating you.)

anyone listening in here or am i fighting the douchebaggery on my own here?


William Powell said...

If you check, you will find that I just took continuallearning888 out of the picture by using eBays' VERO program. In the past 1-1/2 years I have found my DVDs pirated by four sellers. I joined eBay's Vero program and reported each violation. eBay has been very good in investigating and removing these theives from their memberships. If you check continuallearning888 today, you will see that all of their auctions that were supposed to end this afternoon have been cancelled and they are now listed as "No Longer A Registered Member". When eBay does take down one of these sites, they also notify all of the bidders of the reason. I wish more of you artists would be active like me and "anonymous" and join ebays' VERO program. If we all just spend a little time flagging pirated DVDs it will help. I have had success with getting mine removed.

Cameron Davidson said...

The VeRO program works pretty well for this. I have used it for a few years now. A VeRO account allows you to shut down any listing that has illigal copies of your materials. The VeRO accounts can be set up quickly and it's free.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if it's bootlegged, if it's cheap. That's not MY problem. I'm after information and education, the cheapest way possible. I also rent the dvds from Smartflix, which isn't illegal, but I hear artists and dvd sellers whining about them, too. But like I said, this isn't MY probme. :)

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