Thursday, January 29, 2009

Worlds on Fire: Grammy Week Art Exhibition

I have a piece in the upcoming exhibition of portraits of Grammy nominated artists called Worlds on Fire. It was put together by who is nominated for producer of the year. The show opens Monday Feb 2nd. and runs the whole week. The opening night is for invited guests and Gen Art members only (you can join on their site), as soon as I know the days and times that the show is open to the public I'll post them here. presents Worlds on Fire, a pop music and art collaboration. Worlds on Fire will be the first art exhibition of its kind featuring portraits of 2009 Grammy nominees as drawn by pop surrealism and representational artists. The exhibition’s opening night celebration will take place on Monday, February 2 from 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM at the Pacific Electric Lofts
in downtown Los Angeles. Entertainment to be provided by live D.J. sets from and special guests. Worlds on Fire: Grammy-Nominated Artist Exhibition will be the premier event to kick off Grammy week.

Worlds on Fire was conceived by, one of pop music’s most creative, socially conscious and influential artists today, in conjunction with his popular social and political networking site, Focused on innovation and creativity, Worlds on Fire will be the only event during Grammy Week bridging the gap between the once separate mediums of performing/recording arts and modern art.

List of artists (and musicians they are doing portraits of):
SAS CHRISTIAN – Riverview, FL (Rihanna)
LORI EARLEY – Red Bank, NJ (Madonna)
JEREMY LIPKING – Los Angeles, CA (Snoop Dogg)
SHEPARD FAIREY – Los Angeles, CA (Paul McCartney)
IAN JOHNSON – San Francisco, CA (Al Green)
PAUL CHATEM – Los Angeles, CA (Rick Rubin)
RON ENGLISH – Jersey City, NJ (Metallica)
GREG GOSSEL – Minneapolis, MN (Jay-Z)
HENRY LEWIS – San Francisco, CA (Nas)
SHAWN BARBER – San Francisco, CA (Shawn Barber)
TRAVIS LOUIE – Red Hook, NY (Nine Inch Nails)
MATT BONE – Los Angeles, CA (Beyonce)
JOSHUA PETKER – Los Angeles, CA (Radiohead)
VAN ARNO – Los Angeles, CA (BB King)
HEIDI TAILLEFER – Montreal, CAN (Coldplay)
KRIS LEWIS - Los Angeles, CA (Beck)
MIKE MAXWELL – San Deigo, CA (Bruce Springsteen)
GARY BASEMAN & NABIL ELDERKIN - Los Angeles, CA (Kanye West)
CHRIS PUGLIESE – Hoboken, NJ (The Eagles)
HELEN GARBER – Los Angeles, CA (
SAUL ARMAS – Los Angeles, CA (Lil’ Wayne)
TRAE KING – Los Angeles, CA (Duffy)
NATALIA FABIA–Los Angeles, CA (Pink)
R.C. LIPKING –Los Angeles, CA (Alison Krauss & Robert Plant)
JOSEPH TODOROVITCH – Los Angeles, CA (Alicia Keyes)


Bob said...

Nice portrait.

Too bad the guy is/was a member of an organized criminal gang. Also involved in other wonderful endeavors like prostitution and thievery. Do you not think of stuff like that when you agreed to do this? Isn't there anybody else out of 6.5 billion people who might be more worthy of being painted than this sack of you-know-what?

What were you thinking?

lindsey said...

ha logan used to live at Pacific Electric Lofts! the roof is amazing oh and so is your painting

Tracey L. Harris said...

I love this idea! Your portrait is great, as usual. (I know your work through the Portrait Society) So, are you related to the R.C. who painted Robert Plant & Alison Krause? I'd love to see that painting, too. They're my reason for watching the Grammys this year.

Cassiemarie said...

I think you captured his attitude/personality perfectly. I love how some people think painters must love/agree with everything they paint. It's not like you painted snoop with a halo hugging small children! Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox, it's a nice painting!

Dan Corey said...

Was this from life? either way its off the heezy for sheezy.

Antti Rautiola said...

Amazing portrait.
Bar has just went a bit higher i suppose :)

lipking said...

Thanks Cassie, I went back and forth on the halo/children thing for a while.

My dad did the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss piece, you can see it here

The exhibit is open Feb 3rd - 8th 1-7pm at Pacific Electric Lofts, corner of 6th and Main Los Angeles CA 90014

Marco Bucci said...

Beautiful temperature shifts, and of course, drawing and values.

Julie said...

That there is the gen-yew-wine article, Jerelizzle.

Although you totally should have done the halo thing. That warm light bouncing off his braids would have been so fly.

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

Perfect likeness, and the color choice looks like nothing you've done before. You've really pushed yourself.

Bryan said...

Incredible! You've endowed Snoop with an almost mystical quality!

adebanji said...

WOH WOH WOH!! That is a living piece!!!


Jess said...

Wow you met the wonder girls. so lucky.

Daniel Peci said...

Hmm..your painting far exceeds the 'original'.

Dillon Thompson said...

You are living the dream. Snoop wanted to be a "M.F." hustler. It looks like he just became immortalized. Amazing portrait.

Kristy Gordon said...

Good lord, what a fricking amazing painting!

Jack said...

Yeah,some people think painters must love with everything they paint.nice post..

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ytuythdj said...



Hello Jeremy..nice painting..amazing. Me Deen from rural area in Malaysia. I am amateur artist. See my painting at


Joan Lansberry said...

I love the sense of power with which you imbue this painting!

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