Friday, March 19, 2010

Realist Revolution and Critical Relevance

I'm moderating a very important panel discussion in the Washington D.C area Friday night April 23rd with some REALLY top notch panelists, Jacob Collins, Alexey Steele, James Panero and Dr. Vern Swanson. It is part of the PSOA conference but it's free and open to the public (reservations required) contact 
Christine Egnoski at or call 877-772-4321

Contemporary Art: 




Is Main Stream Media Missing an Important Cultural Trend? 

Friday night April 23rd 2010 4:00pm
 Hyatt Regency Reston, VA

There is an actually existing, wide-spread, multi-faceted Realist movement in
the Art world today. It is functioning as a set of specific tools,
philosophy and practice. As any major art movement in history - it is a
common visual language based on a common world view. 
This movement is current, relevant and forward - looking
. This movement is part of presently existing contemporary Art 
This movement is a reflection of an important aspect of our modern world - democratization of cultural plane.

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Michael Lynn Adams said...

As they say in show biz "break a leg" Jeremy. Make it killer. Realism Rocks!!! We need to spread the word.

Jesus Estevez said...

I very much agree with the return of Realism. Is about time.I dont think that you need to break any legs.Just do a good job. People know the difference.Congratulation Jeremy for your great work

TG said...
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John Sanchez said...

Will we be able to read or see this event on the internet?

Kristy said...

I REALLLY hope I can come!

Olha Pryymak said...

any chance it'll be uploaded as a podcast somewhere?

sam Robinson said...

This will be a welcome addition to the Portrait Society's offerings. In spite of the wealth of good things they offer, it has been notably short on critical thinking. As a fan and frequent attendee of the conference, I would like to offer any help I can toward establishing the habit of discussing the thinking behind the work being done.

If your aim is to get some serious critical attention for the new realism you cite, then you need to encourage some critical thinking and find people who can help craft your argument. To that end, may I play devil's advocate for a moment:

Is it 'Realism' you are concerned with, or is maybe 'representation' the broader term? Are you leaving out 'Impressionism' and its heirs?

Is it really a revolution? I see a lot of good craft and skill being rebuilt, but not much yet that would quailfy as a revolution.

You could say that anything being done in a given time is contemporary, but then why does so much of the work depend on nostalgic subjects and themes?

There are a lot more questions like this raised by your premises. I'm an ally, but I think we need to do our homework and avoid turning into some sort of fundamentalists.

See you at the conference.-Sam Robinson

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Bmurphysart said...

I wish the best of luck.In the end it comes down to paint what you enjoy.For me i am in the middle realism to a point of such perfection were it looks exactly like the image and the artist has not put anything of themselves in it and looks exactly like what you started with in my feelings is boring and is all about technique in a way.I appreciate the talent of the artist but i would just take a picture.Your work i enjoy because it looks very real but has a timeless feeling to it.I think balance is key because the other end of that would be what i experienced which was visiting different galleries to find representation and seeing them selling balls of human hair with piss on it for the price of a home.
What i am trying to say is a point has to to come were credit needs to go back into the hands of artist that study and build there abilities to create beautiful work.Not even only realism.Because what i see when i do a search for upcoming shows in New York city is a bunch of stuff i could buy in wal mart for 5$ except there calling it art and ignoring art that actually takes effort to create..But thats the American way (were ever the money is).And tax deductions plays a large part in many galleries also since many are not for profit.
I worked in a realist way for few years but did not get any were i was told it was to scholastic and that i was not leaving enough to the viewer to be apart of it.And the curators that told me this were very successful artist themselves.
So what i see is a battle of complete different sides with complete deferent wants from art.Again best of luck. Your work speaks for it self and i hope to see more and more finely crafted works of art on the art market....

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